Monday, June 25, 2012

Miyo-isms, Vol. 2

"There's nothin' wrong with boys. Ok there's something wrong with Justin Bieber. He's like trying to be cute. But he's not." 

"Lady Gaga is just for a song. And a friend."

"Hey LADY!"

"You know who likes Justin Bieber? Lisa. Lisa and Lexi. Lexi wishes he would come over to her house."

"I don't like Justin Bieber, okay? You can keep driving."


We spent the day together on Sunday and she rode her bicycle for the very first time without training wheels! She did great.

You ever seen a cuter bicyclist?

And then it started pouring so we hung out in the car...

Really, Miyo? "I love Kady"? If you loved me you wouldn't write on my windows.
She had no good answer for that one.

...and the rain didn't let up so we went to have Pupusas at my favorite new restaurant Pupuseria la Palmera on 42nd and Cedar. If you live in Minneapolis you simply must go and have the revueltas (pork, tomato, onion, green pepper and cheese.) Miyo had the cheese with loroco (an edible flower). Smother them in Cole Slaw and Salsa...only $1.75 each. We had three pupusas and two pineapple juices for less than $10...

...and then the sun came out and Miyo and I went back and rode the entire way around Lake Nokomis and then some. THREE miles total on her first day out! Of course we stopped for six thousand "I need to scratch my nose" and "my muscles hurt" breaks and some obligatory playtime at the park:

Makin' new friends!

Go, Miyo, Go.


Not yet 60 said...

Cool video of Miyo! I almost think her bike is too small already. I have to get Larry to spring for some pupusas!! Let us know next time you go....

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Her bike is so small I just threw it in the back seat with her.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

You will LOVE pupusas. LOVE. LOVE.

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