Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mean, Mean Older Sister, Vol. 2

After writing about Kelly and her terrible terrible meanness, and do you remember how mean she can really be? It got me thinking: was I ever mean to my younger sister Kasey? And of course the answer is no.

Look at us, getting along! At the Union Hall! Square dancing!

I do remember one time though, when Kasey was in the bathtub and I was mad at her for some reason -- I went into her bedroom and pulled out her entire underwear drawer. The full physical drawer. I brought it into the bathroom and dumped its contents into the bathwater with Kasey. So she had no underwear to put on after she got out.


Anonymous said...

Were you at square dancing? Who made the Hexum family outfits? Your whole family always matched perfectly.

Aunty Cheryl

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Actually, I think we were just wearing square dancing outfits to a hoedown party.

Anonymous said...

You were NEVER mean?

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

NEVER, Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Kasey says,
That's hilarious! I'm Swiper to your Dora. Tallulah to your Blousey.

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