Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cheating with the Posting and the Pudding Pops

Just a little Cheat Post for you today -- check out Hobo Siren's post about what we're up to today:

I've done this race four times already.  Here were my times:

2006 - 2:21
2007 - 2:18
2008 - 2:31
2009 - 2:43

Odds are good I'll be pushing three hours for 2012.  Of course I'll let you know. 

2012 - 2:29. <---------I will not shake a stick at that.

Here I am in 2006 with my running buddy Brett:

In 2007 Alason got me cupcakes!  

In 2009 I ran with Anna.  Jeez I'd really love to see that 'armpit fat' turn a little bit more into 'side boob', but it just ain't happening.

Break my leg! I mean Break a Leg, Me! 


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