Saturday, August 11, 2012

Guess Where I Am?

My favorite city ever.

Here's a little tribute post I did on October 3, 2011:

In no particular order, an incomplete list of things I love about New Orleans.

1)  Complete and utter disregard for traffic laws.  

What's that vehicle, you ask?

It can't be.  Can it?

Yep.  It's an old man.  In a wheelchair car.  Driving down the middle of the street.

And then crossing that street.

2)  Shade tree philosophers.  Here, the "median" or grassy area between two lanes of traffic is called the "neutral ground".  We found out yesterday that the name comes from ancient times when the two opposing sides (American and the French, Creole, Native American sides) were divided along Canal Street.  The grassy area was a "neutral ground" between the sides, and I believe it was where the Louisiana Purchase itself was signed.  Anyway, lots of dudes sit in the neutral ground and talk all day long.  Some set up chess games, some have picnic tables and some just sit on overturned milk crates:

3)  Beads everywhere!  Even in the trees!

4) My coworkers.  I love them.   :(

Left to right: Brandon, Annie, Ernest, Summer (but she doesn't count because she's coming with me).

5) Soul Food:

Fried catfish, shrimp, baked mac and cheese with sausage and green beans from Gloria's Place.

6) The yummy smell of my street when they wash it with soapy sudsy water once a week:

7) The skyline view from the ferry to Algiers:

8)  Our apartment....

9) The way people alter the One Way signs.  Some say "One Day", some say "One Love", etc.

10) Distinguished gentlemen having a chat on the street corner.

11) Lionel Batiste.  Oh yah.  I met the coolest cat in the French Quarter last night.  This is the third time I've seen him and each time he keeps getting cooler and cooler.  I kept my cool though as I asked for this photo.  Kind of.  I think I asked him to marry me.  If I wasn't on my way to Darlington, I just might have had a chance.

I dare you to show me anybody cooler than Mr. Batiste.

I will be back.  Oh yes, I will.  Lionel and I This city and I belong together.  

It's been not quite a year...and I'm back!


Jenny said...

Wheelchair Guy must be a traveler. I have a photo of him in the middle of a 5 lane street in Panama, at night. Headed against traffic.

Kerry said...

I love New Orleans.

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