Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"You Can Stop it Now, Beth. Nobody's Looking At You."

In high school, my best friend Beth Lindahl used to make me die laughing by making faces at me and never cracking a smile until I peed my pants. One day in Health class, she must have been trying to get my attention but I must not have been looking at her because Miss Stadum yelled out to her (over the silent din of a class full of kids who were reading or something):



I was reminded of that story this evening...

I went with some friends to go and see the Walker Art Center's last installation of Music and Movies in the Park. Barrio restaurant in downtown Minneapolis sets up their food truck at these events, and it was there that I had my Second and Third Dinners this evening.

As I approached for Third Dinner, I noticed that the food truck employee was wearing a "Nacho Libre"-type mask and was yelling "HOLA!" at the customers in a "BOO! (scared you)"-type fashion, and I was really not into it.

So I stood there looking at the menu, while this guy waited for me to notice him and his dumb mask. I wasn't impressed, but I could tell out of the corner of my eye that he really wanted me to notice him. I couldn't be bothered and so without taking my eyes off the menu I said, 


...and then I took this photo without his permission.


Kim said...

For a person who's always looking for a pity laugh or some stranger to spontaneously high-five her as they pas on the street, that was weirdly non-participatory of you.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

RIGHT????? What have I become???

I'm so glad you said, "non-participatory" and not...something a little more off-color/more accurate.

beth said...

Miss Stadum doesn't know good humor.

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