Friday, August 3, 2012

Shashage Links

I scoured the entire internet again folks. Here's some links for ya.

I love the idea of living naturally, but these people look really dirty.

Funny Olympic diving faces

Haha! Lost people at the Olympics: (thanks Shash)

This Olympic Rings Infographic with world statistics is pretty interesting

These are seriously not photographs

I just realized I have taught THREE little kids how to ride a bike. I'm good at it because I will not let them chicken out. I'm going to have to start using this little kid's inspirational speech: Everybody! If you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride a bike!

Faces of addiction. Yikes.

After biking 150 miles from Duluth to Minneapolis, I can vouch that this topic ain't-no-joke.

Short, Satisfying Little Lenny Kravitz story

How not to kill a cyclist. Share the road, Y'all!

Blow dryer photos (thanks Ashley)

I can't get enough of this stupid blower face stuff.

How 27 Iconic Brands Got Their Names

1 comment:

DB Stewart said...

Whoa. Blow-dryer's like being drunk at a horror movie.

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