Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: The Year in Review


Can it really be December 31, 2012? Did I really quit my job to travel the world THREE YEARS AGO TODAY? 2012 went by so fast, but I suppose all of us old people are supposed to say that.

After all, 2011 went by fast. And so did 2010. Pretty soon it'll be 2042 and I'll be 65 and retired and traveling the world.


Anyway. So 2012 by the numbers:

  • 18 countries.
  • One job.
  • Two different types of cancer removed from my mom's innards (uterine and lung)!
  • Seven months in a basement.
  • Eleven surprise fire brigades.
  • Three good ol' domestic American vacations:
Mount Rushmore with 8 good pals.
New Orleans with Laurissa and Summer.
Girls' Week in Wisconsin.
  • Three major athletic events:

(Rode a bicycle for 150 freaking miles from Duluth to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the MS150, completed the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon AND the Urban Wildlands Half Marathon.)

  • One cow poop pond back hoe throwing day:

    And then, I left for a six-month-trip-that-turned-into-a-four-month-trip (Dang Cancer). But four months was plenty of time to...

    ...see the Eiffel Tower.
    ...bartend in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
    ...go fishing in Maldives.
    ...finally see India.



    So, you've all been waiting. With bated breath, no doubt. What was my favorite, my absolute favorite post of 2012??:

    Click here, and call me sentimental.

    What was your favorite post this year? Please tell me in the comments.



    KBrumbelow said...

    I think you are so funny! i don't remember how i found your blog but i am glad to have it in my google reader.
    I think you and i would get along. (i also think Summer is funny just from her summer-isms.) Not every girl talks about pooping the word "hi" and wanting to photograph it. I also want a pair of those "silly" pants!

    i am real, btw,not a spammer. if you're ever near philly...

    Nancy L. said...

    You are an awesome blogger Kady! We all love reading them.

    Chris said...

    One of my favorites is the Angolina leg in "the basement". Don't remember what you titled that one. I'm so glad "the basement" was number 4 on your list. A highlight for me, for sure. So many made me laugh, some made me cry.

    A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

    Wow Katie, what a sweet, sweet, adorable comment! Thanks for reading!

    A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

    Thanks Nancy!

    A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

    Chris, I don't know which I'd make you laugh, or to make you cry. Both seem so very satisfying. :) :) :)

    Anonymous said...

    I loved that you drank a marijuana smoothie in India. I also about died when you told the story about the guy who asked you not to keep in touch. Also, the stories about keeping your tummy covered b/c no longer a spry young lady. Too much. I wish you were on the road longer. I get bored trying to follow good blogs.

    One of these days we will all have to meet up somewhere in the world.

    mark shoberg

    A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

    Haha! Well, I DIDN'T drink the marijuana smoothie. But everything else was true. I was trying so hard to route myself through Honolulu on my way home but I ran out of time!

    Chris said...

    Kady, let's go with making me laugh so hard that I cry.....

    A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

    Yes! That's better!

    Chris said...

    Oh, and the one called "no posty".

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