Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Email From my Mom, About my Dad

As with all email, you'll have to read this one from the bottom up. It seems somebody just had part of her lung removed and somebody else is really bugging her lately?

Re: blog comments

November 27, 2012 7:18 pm

hahaha. OK, nevermind. It was quite cathartic writing it. Yes, you can tell Summer I knew a big word.

So of course I looked it up just now to be sure and it was quite a perfect word for me to use in this instance. But look at the #2 definition...I must say the catharsis was not such that I actually had to poop...close, but no banana log.

[ kÉ™ thrtik ]

  1. purifying: producing a feeling of being purified emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically as a result of an intense emotional experience or therapeutic technique
  2. having purgative effect on bowels: describes a medicine that causes emptying of the bowels
  3. purgative medicine: a medicine that causes emptying of the bowels
Synonyms: purifying, cleansing, liberating, releasing, intense, emotional

On 11/27/2012 8:03 AM, Kady Hexum wrote:
Hahahahahahaha  mom I don't know this sounds pretty passive aggressive!!Sent from my iPad

On Nov 26, 2012, at 10:44 PM, Dianne Hexum <> wrote:
 I was so irritated. I had an extra long comment all typed out and then couldn't figure it out and it got lost.DANG!!So I am going to type it here and maybe you could do a whole new blog on it:

 On May 4, 2012, We Don't Know if We're Mad or Happy

 dbs had posted that he thought cement pouring would be a great reality show subject.
 dbs: I think you have something there. A reality show about cement pouring could be truly entertaining. Picture this possible scene: The guys are ready...the truck is backing up to the forms. The chute comes down and here comes the cement. But comes the husband/homeowner. the way...and talking.Yakking yakking yakking. The guys are scooping, shoveling, smoothing. Nodding, smiling, yupping. The husband/homeowner doesn't seem to notice the eye-rolling and glances as they wonder who is going to get this guy to move or shut up.

 The camera pans to the house where the wife/homeowner is looking out the window with her own issues she is battling. Should she help these guys....or not? The problem is that one of the guys is leaning on his shovel...talking. OK...that's it. She marches out on the deck and tells her man to get out of the way and quit talking so much. Let these guys alone so they can work. Oh great, here comes the electrician...why can't they all come when he is uptown? The husband/homeowner gleefully hustles over thinking that he can surely tell that last story again...this guy will love to hear it (at $85 per hour)

 Yes, could have something there.

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Megs said...

My mom just sent me a big long email about how she could not comment on my blog for some reason. It must be a thing right now. ha!

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