Thursday, December 13, 2012

Celebrity Divorce

In India, in some of the more remote villages or sections of cities where they don't see foreigners very often, we are quite a novelty. It's nothing new for Summer and I to be stared at, but here, people stop for photographs. Everybody wants their photograph taken with the foreigners. People will line up and wait patiently as we take photo after photo with their kids, their parents, their aunts uncles and cousins. As you can imagine being a celebrity gets old pretty quick. My poor boyfriend Ryan Gosling!

We try to be polite.

One guy wanted his picture with me, but since my cheeks were sore from smiling for so many photos I decided to turn and kiss his cheek.

His friends gasped, laughed and shouted, "divorced!", no doubt anticipating his poor wife's reaction to the photo. (Oops, I didn't know he was married.)

Summer cheekily asked me, "how do they know?"



1 comment:

Chris said...

Always, always getting in trouble.

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