Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Pusher

Summer and I took an overnight sleeper bus to Istanbul from Cappadocia, Turkey. After an exhausting couple of days there, we were really looking forward to putting on our eye masks, taking sleeping pills and waking up in Istanbul the following morning. So we hunkered down in our assigned seats, in the third row from the back on the left-hand side.

Summer was awakened by the attendant, who asked her to move her seatback into the upright position. She complied at first, thinking that the man behind her needed to get out or something, but after she realized he was just sitting there, she reclined again.

I fell asleep shortly after but was woken up by the attendant, who was now telling me to sit up. I said "No! I'm sleeping!" because I've ridden enough buses to know his type. You know, the guy who thinks he can tell you you can't recline, but doesn't have enough guts to do it himself so he calls the attendant over to tell you. On a sleeper bus. Forget you, jerk. It is my right to recline! I am an American! Summer got involved and we tried our best to fight the situation. The attendant didn't take 'no' or our fit for an answer however, and forcefully moved my seat up and then left the scene. I screamed after him, "this is a sleeper bus!" in vain.

I secretly plotted to just recline again when a little time had passed. But I could feel the man behind me pushing against my seat. I tried time and time again to recline, but could not. This is going to sound like an exaggeration, but it isn't: Two hours passed. He kept pushing. I was unable to sleep of course. One, I was sitting straight up...and Two, I was really angry. I continued trying to recline, but that man pushed my seat forward for a full two hours.

Somehow, I felt strangely satisfied. Yes, even pleased that he was having to use so much force to prevent my reclining. The joke was on him, you know? Plus, I knew he'd have to get up and pee at some point. So I bided my time. Summer and I just could not believe it was happening. She reached up to snap a photo, for revenge:

Crazy eyes.

Eventually he did have to pee, and when he did I reclined my seat ALL the way and slept like a baby for the rest of the trip.


Anonymous said...

You go girl.

Jessica said...

So creepy! He looks like he's got a piece of rope hidden underneath his hands just waiting to tie your neck to the back of the seat!

Chris said...

Summer's eye looks a little crazy too!

Mom said...

I hope he did not follow you home. You be careful, girl.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Hahahahahaaaaa! Totally!

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