Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: The Year In Review

It's that time again, Folks! You know. Where I brag about stuff I did all year!

Remember 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013?

2014 began with a trip to Japan and Hawaii.


Big Island

And then Miyo ran away. Boy we sure do miss her.

Somebody somewhere made a huge mistake:

I sold my house.

And then my appendix jumped ship:

Nowheresville, Wisconsin

Brad and Angie got married.

Correns, France

I got SUPER into canning.

I finally got that broken blood vessel removed from my face.

I made a bunch of videos for my profile on a popular dating site, but nobody took the bait.

My mom got breast cancer.

My fanny pack fashion trend finally caught on with the celebrities. (I TOLD you it would.)

I refilled my prescription for my "Herpes on the nose" medicine.

I went to Africa.

Still no baby and still no boyfriend. I'm taking even fewer showers so I'm not sure if that status will ever change...OH! I bought a house! But I already did that twice this year and never actually closed and so we'll see if this one sticks. More to follow.

2015. The year of turning 38 and going to my 20-year high school reunion. And (of course) (obviously) getting a baby and a boyfriend. Fingers crossed!!!

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