Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Interesting Dude

So obviously I forgot my USB port, so no photos yet, sorry. I will post some when I get home.

We have been spending some pool time with a guy who recently found out that he has terminal cancer. He decided to spend his last months traveling. He is here in Mazatlan for three weeks...then will go on to the Dominican Republic and then back home to Minneapolis for his Doctors visit. From there he hopes to go to Australia. He is traveling in between chemo treatments, because he can take the first strain intraveinously, and then the next few weeks' treatments orally. Anyway, it got me thinking about what I would do if I found out that I was dying and I think I would do the exact same thing. He is flying family members down to meet him at different times and has a brother who is spending the whole trip with him. Im trying to convince him to write a book, because he has had quite an interesting life. He graduated high school and from there, without attending college, built a business where he owned four restaurants and a golf course. When he got his diagnosis, he sold it all and decided to travel. As a youth, he spent three years in Africa living in Ethiopia (now Eritrea) and another place I cant remember. He told Hanna and I how he and his brother would catch squid using just a broomstick with a nail in the end. They would poke the squid in the head, and then its tentacles would wrap up the broomstick and then they would put it in a bag. Good eats, apparently.


Kelly said...

Kady I will be the sister who travels with you.

Flaggy said...

Does this mean you only have one year to live?

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