Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Conversation between a friend and her mom.

m = mom
a = my friend

M: "That J'Lo's husband, Ricky Martin, he just looks terrible. He is so pale. He looks like he has AIDS."

A: "Mom, she's not married to Ricky Martin."

M: Vacant look…. "That Ricky Martin. I just can't believe how terrible he looks. What happened to him?"

A: "Mom, she's not married to Ricky Martin. I can't think of his name right now, but it's not Ricky Martin. I think he is gay."

By coincidence, a music video of Gloria Estefan and Mark Anthony begins to play on the restaurant t.v.

M: "See, there they are…"

A: "No, Mom, that is Gloria Estefan, and, now I remember- his name is Mark Anthony, J'Lo's husband. He's not a very good looking guy, you're right."

M: "Well, I know that's not J'Lo! But, it's her husband Ricky Martin."

End of conversation.

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