Friday, January 15, 2010

More Mexico

Today I met a dad from Canada who told me a horrible story with a moral. The moral is trust no one when travelling.

So anyways, he was in San Francisco by himself and was about 10 blocks from his hotel. He had gotten turned around and so he took out his map and was walking with it. A kid on a bike came out of the alley and asked him where he was trying to go. So Canadad explained where his hotel was, but he couldnt quite figure out how to get there from here, and where exactly was here? The kid said, "Oh, no problem, just take this alley, and then go right at the next street and then left...etc." So Canadad did, and he was jumped half way through the alley. A man put a knife to his throat, so hard that it drew blood. "WHERES YOUR MONEY?" "I dont have any!" "I DONT BELIEVE YOU!"

Then the bad guy checked Canadads back pocket and started checking all his pockets. Finally Canadad grabbed the $200 he had in his front left pocket and threw it to the ground about four feet away. The kid lunged for it and when he did, Canadad KICKED him hard in the ribs. Another guy jumped out from behind a dumpster and Canadad KICKED him in the nuts. He RAN for the street, and dialed 911 the whole way. A man helped him tell the police where he was and the cops brought him back to his hotel. They said that he probably shouldnt be alive and that throwing his money away from him like that probably saved his life.

One week later, the cops called and said that they think they found the culprit, because he went to the hospital for a badly bruised testicle. ha! Anyway, Canadad decided not to press charges, because he didnt want to drive back down to San Francisco and also because he didnt feel sure he could identify him, it all went so fast. But I thought probably that guy wouldnt maybe jump anybody for a while.


But yay Canadad! Thats right girls, go for the nuts. Oh, and throw your money or wallet away from you if youre being mugged.

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Anonymous said...

Also, stay out of bad areas of town and keep large men with you at all times. Love, Jacqui

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