Friday, January 8, 2010

Estate Sale Stories

Since I am leaving the country in February, and have had no bites for the "furnished rental" I posted, I decided I was going to post all of my furniture right away in January, to give everything time to sell. I had plans to go out to Hutchinson for the first weekend in January and spend some time with my family, but thought it would be best to at least post everything so that I could field phone calls all weekend from Hutch. (I'm a check-SOMETHING-off-the-list type of person, and getting some items on craigslist felt like a HUGE thing to check off the list.)

So last Friday night Summer and I posted about 8 items. Little did I know that I would get phone calls immediately and that people would want to come over right away. Somebody came and bought my couch THAT NIGHT. Also somebody wanted my dressers (an item I didn't think would go so fast...). So as the dude was checking out my dressers, he decided to look at my bed. "Is this for sale?"..."Yes." I said, and in that instant, I turned around. He and his son, fully clothed and in winter coats, were LAYING ON MY BED. Side by side, arms at sides, feet dangling from the bottom...

I had pulled my covers and sheets aside to photograph the mattress itself. No matter...There were my pajamas and a bunch of laundry laying on the bed...No Matter. They just flopped themselves right down. Later on, the son picked up my guitar and just started playing it. (It wasn't for sale.)

They left with my dressers that night and promised to come back the following week for my bed and nightstand. Thankfully they didn't come until the a whole week later, so I had a bed to sleep in for 7 more nights!

So they came yesterday and had to be upstairs to take apart the bed frame, but I had the sale going on downstairs, so I could only check on them periodically. Every time I came upstairs, the dad was working on taking apart the bed, and the son was playing my guitar. Without asking.

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