Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yet another embarrassing tampon story

Here's another tampon story for you:

It originates from the basement of the huge Blue Cross Blue Shield office in Eagan MN where I had my first full-time-grown-up job after I moved to the city. I was a Customer Service Representative and that meant working in a sea of cubes every single day. Mine was pretty far from the bathrooms, and in order to get there, I had to walk the equivalent of a city block past a million people in a million cubes.

One day I walked that city block all the way to the bathroom. As the door shut behind me, I saw that I had a tampon in my hand.

(I forgot to shove it up my sleeve.) I've never been one of those girls who brings their purse to the bathroom. Also I didn't want to put it in my pants pocket, where it's shape could be easily identified. Wouldn't want anybody to think I had my period!

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