Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friend's "mom" story, Vol. 2

We went on a sailboat ride around the bay in front of our hotel. The owner of the boat, an American named Paul who has lived in Cancun for 25 years, told us that just a couple of doors down from our hotel on the beach, is one of Steven Segal's houses. A couple of doors down from that is one of Madonna's houses. In front of Steven Segal's house was the largest yacht I have ever seen. It was docked there, but no one was really around, except a guard who was sitting on the dock. There didn't appear to be any activity in or around the house.

When we got back to the pool, we were telling my mom about the boat ride. Then I told her that we saw one of Steven Segal's houses and one of Madonna's houses. I also told her that the huge yacht docked out there belongs to Steven Segal… to which she replied, "Yep. I saw him out there this morning, walking on his yacht."

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