Thursday, November 18, 2010

El Vaquero Enojado

Now, granted, I hissed at this man (think tsss tsss tsss) to get his attention and then when he looked, I snapped his photo.  That would irritate most people, especially a dude who makes his living renting out his horse to lazy tourists so they don't have to hike up to the volcano. 

But, in order to butter him up in the "forgiveness not permission" style I frequently employ, I said, "un vaquero verdadero".  = a real cowboy.

Then he said, "vaquero enojado".  = mad cowboy.

Then I was like super embarrassed but couldn't remember the word for delete, as in, oh, do you want me to delete the photo?  So instead I was like, "why mad?"  and he said "problems...problems."  Then I said, "OHHHH, in your life.  I'm sorry.  I thought mad because photo...haaahaaaahAHAHAHAAAA!  My dad is real cowboy.  I like your hat and boots and horse."  And then we became best friends.  And, I "got the shot". 

1 comment:

A little cowboy of the past said...

Shoot first and ask questions later. That's a Kady!!!

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