Sunday, November 28, 2010

A trip to the country

I went with the girlies out to the country the other day to do some volunteer work.  It was such a nice day, and an amazingly gorgeous walk through the little town of Miraflor.  First we had to wake up at 5am to take a repurposed American school bus for two hours to get there.  Then we had to walk about a mile straight up a hill, visiting with people on the way to get to an adorable breakfast joint.  My favorite.  Gallo Pinto with coffee.  $1.50.  (I posted the photo here.)  Then we spent the rest of the day trudging and visiting and me practicing my Spanish and checking out the cool farm animals who just wandered around, and nobody cared if they went in and out of people's homes.  They all seemed to know where they lived, and yes there were some fences keeping some of the horseys and cows cordoned off, but for the most part the little chickens and roosters and pigs and dogs and cats wandered free.

A hydrangea forest.

This cat just crawled right up on my shoe.  I didn't want to move, you know, so he would remain comfortable.

This rooster is gorgeous.  Don't let him trick you though, he is STUPID.  Just like all the Central American roosters.  They don't know what time it is, and just COCK A DOODLE DOO all day and all night long, mostly when you're trying to sleep.

I kept thinking these beasts would just like decide to KILL, but we ended up being OK.

This little chick made me contemplate my omnivorous lifestyle.  I could see his bare skin behind balding feathers and it looked just like a little hot wing.



k8 said...

Oh the memories of this place...and the worst nightmare of my life played out at one of the outhouses up there.... I sincerely hope the same did not happen to you

Mom said...

what happened to the cute little crocs?

Kady said...

I need to know what happened in that outhouse, k8...

and mom, I had to wear hiking shoes because of all the walking. And look how cute they look with my dress! haha

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