Monday, November 29, 2010

...Wee Wee Wee all the way to Costa Rica

My poor Pinky Toe.  As if jamming it into a door in South Korea and losing the nail wasn't enough, last night I hurt it real real bad. 

We had a baby shower at the house (huge success) and afterward we were going to return the rented chairs, tip back a few Gin and Tonics, eat some hamburgers and say goodbye in style since Veronica and I are leaving today.  As I was carrying a stack of ten plastic white chairs out to Bridget's truck, I was recounting how I had twisted my ankle earlier that day by stepping in a hole.  Just as I said it, I stepped off the curb, into a hole, and twisted my ankle again.  The chairs went flying and I dropped to my knees in pain.  Not realizing that the stack of chairs landed directly on my poor little pinky toe.  I didn't even see that until I went inside and saw all the blood.  ALL THE BLOOD.  I thought I had sprained my left ankle.

My friends were great.  They encouraged me NOT to look at it, and pitied me as I bawled and shook and hyperventilated.  Bridget was right on point and made me the strongest Gin and Tonic I have ever had, which complely took the edge off.  I stopped crying and focused on other things while Michelle bandaged my toe. 

She got a little nausious.  Notice the apron to prevent blood from getting on her white shirt.

Homemade dressing, after Bridget's Gin &Tonic.

Went to the doctor.  $10 for the visit and $20 for all the supplies/antibiotics.  There is a popsicle stick on the bottom.
Today I leave for Costa Rica on the bus, and have to spend a couple days getting there, so this should be interesting.  I'm pretty sure my backpack weighs 50 pounds too, and I've got quite a limp.  I'll let you know how that goes.

 p.s.When I was freaking out, I looked at Bridget and said, "how am I ever going to have a baby?  And she said, "Let's face it.  You're 33.  That's probably never going to happen."


Mom said...

I know you probably left already, but please tell Bridget that I really apperecialte all the nursing that had to be done in Nic. She MUST plan on visiting us here in No. MN. I will give her what the 3rd little piggy had. AND maybe a bottle of wine.

Kady said...

I passed the message're going to make her some roast beef?

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