Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lake Atitlan

Quick little update post:

I'm in San Marcos, which lies on a crater lake called Atitlan.  I decided to stay here for five days and take a Spanish course...

The town is a little dangerous for robberies.  Two girls from my hostel got robbed by some machete-wielding dudes at "the rocks" at noon.  I was eating lunch 25 meters away from "the rocks" at noon.  Fortunately they only got about $6 US and a bag and a jacket.  And the US State Department just came out three days ago to say that US travelers should stay away from Lake Atitlan.  I'm really not worried about it, but then again I am laying low and focusing on my Spanish lessons.  Tomorrow I'm going horseback riding.  On Tuesday I go back to Nicaragua.  My hostel's internet is down, so I'm just quick updating from the Internet Cafe across the street.

See yas.

1 comment:

prettiest sister said...

Okay now I will be worried until Tuesday.

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