Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun with Language, Vol. 2

This is Harumi.  She is from Okinawa Japan, and is an English teacher and reflexologist.  She is very smart.  She also chooses to wear her backpack on her front, like so:

Lots of people do it.  Sometimes for security, or maybe they already have a huge backpack on the back.  In Harumi's case yesterday, it's because they are hiking a mountain in 90 degree weather and their back is hot so they switch it to the front.  Anyway she was wearing her backpack in the front in Maui one time, and she was paying at her hostel, reaching in front for her money.  The man at the desk said slowly and loudly, "do. you. know. how. to. wear. that?  It. goes. on. the. back.  That's. why. it's. called. a. BACK. PACK."

I asked her what she said.  She just laughed.  And then told me, "what an idiot man."

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