Monday, January 3, 2011

Nicady, Population 2

I was trying to think of a clever "Brangelina" name for us.  Actually the melding of the names started with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, (not with Brad and Angelina).  Remember "Bennifer"?  Credit where credit's due.  Anyways, so there's Hextos, Contum, (ew) Kacole...I guess Nicady is the lessest of all evils.

Here is our apartment.  It's a tiny little studio, with two twin beds, a patio table with two chairs, a loveseat, kitchen, and bathroom.

My bed is the messy one.

So naturally, we're pretty excited about moving on Wednesday to the luxury apartments known as The Oaks.  We're getting a two bedroom, two bathroom outfit, and The Oaks boasts three swimming pools.  Three times the price, but definitely three times the space. 

Nicole already lived at The Oaks for a month and promises me that there are no scorpions there.  Today one fell out of my messy bed onto the floor and so I'm kind of excited about that prospect.

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