Thursday, January 6, 2011

So They Loaded Up the Truck and they moved to Beverly...

Remember our Former, Smaller Digs?

Yesterday we moved into our new place.  It was a little bit satisfying that we were able to pack in the span of an hour and then fit all of two people's stuff into a carload.  But man I'm glad I don't have to move again for a while. 

Things I like about the new place:

My own bedroom!  A place to change my clothes without having to hurry up so nobody sees me naked!  A place to put all my stuff!  There's a huge closet for all my clothes and junk, and that's my own balcony off to the left!

My own bathroom!  That's MY toothbrush you see there!

Huger living room with a nice big TV.

Huger kitchen.  And notice I won't have to dodge langostas or even spiders when I do laundry now.  Last night cooking was a much more pleasanter experience.  This place makes good grammar not even matter no more.

We're a tiny bit closer to the beach and grocery store.  Also now we have our pick of three pools, and I'm already planning on having pool days all the time.  What luxury!  Very exciting.


Hanna said...

That looks really cool. I'm jealous! You're in some crazy country and you don't even have to suffer with a dumpy place to live.

Sarah said...


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