Saturday, January 22, 2011


Some of my friends may have heard this one before, but what else is new?

One of my sister's in-laws thought that LOL meant "Lots of Love".  This was in the beginning stages of text language.  Anyway, sadly, a family member died, and this in-law sent out a nice email about her final moments to the entire family. 

The subject line?:

"Grandma died.  LOL"


Anonymous said...


I was wondering how you added the "Where I've Been Gadget" to your blog. I cannot find it in any of the lists of gadgets.

Thanks for the help,


Anne said...

So awesome!

Kady said...

I think I was on Where I've Been and somewhere there it says "add to your blog" and then you copy and paste the gadget to the free space gadget thingee. I really can't believe I figured it out actually. NOT a techie.

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