Friday, January 28, 2011


Last Sunday five of us girls got together and drove up to the Rincon National Park to do the waterfall hike.  It's two hours up and two hours back.  At the top is a waterfall.  We bonded, saw monkeys, and I found out the $120 shoes I bought for Machu Picchu are not going to work. 

Rachel and her Military Issue Desert Lights.  She was miles ahead of us the whole way.

The Motley Crew - Ayano, Harumi, Rachel, Nicole and me

Ten people in a truck

Bouncey metal suspension bridges - watch out for tetanus

Can you believe this crazy tree?

I think this is where we started singing down the trail

The reward!  An ice cold waterfall lake!

And sandwiches, made by Nicole!

We did it.  We did it real good.
Can you see three monkeys?

That day, Ayano was saying that one of our photos could be our "CD Jacket", you know, like for a band.  Nicole and Rachel heard "sh*%ty" jacket, and asked her "WHAT?" a couple times before they finally got it.  Then everybody laughed.  Ayano said, "Please!  I'm Japanese!", and then everybody laughed again.


Sarah said...

Awesome pictures! I am so jealous because it is snowing here AGAIN. How do you know all these people all over the world? Did you know them before or are these new friends?

mommee naturo said...

10 people! in that thing! What a waste of Petrol!!!! shame on you.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I make friends real easy. Duh.

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