Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Training


As I mentioned before, I will be hiking the Inca Trail on May 11th.  It is a four day hike, starting 8,500 feet above sea level.  The hike takes you up to 10160 feet the first night.  Day two is the most difficult day as it's a constant incline up to 13770 feet and back down to 11800 feet for another night of camping.  Day three brings you up to 12330 feet.  Day four we start at 5am to arrive at dawn at Machu Picchu at 8920 feet above sea level. 

In total, it's a 26 mile hike of major upping and major downing.  All starting at a crazy 8500 feet.  Naturally you kind of want to prepare yourself for such a feat.

So, how am I preparing?  By swimming of course.  It's so incredibly hot here that I can't really deal with many other forms of exercise.  And my apartment complex has a 25m lap pool.  I swim most days about 1000 meters.  Today I did 1200 meters (!), and added Pilates (my roommate is something of an expert).  As far as training the ol' legs, the other night she and I did all of the stairs of all 15 buildings before my swim.  Each building has 3 flights, with the first being on the ground floor, so that's 30 flights of stairs. 

Too bad you can't swim to the top of a mountain.


Hanna Mankus said...

You're behind. I started training for it two months ago and I'm not even going.

Kady said...

Aw Hanna....were you training in your flip flops?

just kidding.

PLEASE come and visit me in Costa Rica.

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