Thursday, January 13, 2011


Previously I had mentioned that I didn't have a photo of a langosta because when I see one, I get the heck out of there.

Well, Nicole lent me a photo.  Check it:

"Arrrgh!  This will replace the whale in me nightmares."

Here in Costa Rica, these nasty little over-inflated grasshoppers are everywhere.  And when they fly (YES, THEY FLY), their flight pattern is pretty psychotic, so you have to kind of hold your breath and/or scream and hope for the best.  Notice the little barb on the end of each of its disgusting legs.  Those barbs stick onto your clothing, so you better hope one never lands on you, because if it does, you can't just bat it away.  You have to grab it like in the above photo and pull it off of your clothes, and it does not want to let go.

I have heard nightmares of langostas careening into ceiling fans and the head flying one direction and the body the other.  I hope I never have to see that, cuz, well, you're going to have to call 911.


Ben said...

That thing is the size of a helicopter.

Amy Wurschum said...

Oh Hells to the No... how do you guys do it out there???

Anonymous said...

watch out for the avejones (giant beetles)

Cant see that happenin said...

911.... This is May Bell.... how may I assist you.. A grasshopper? ummm yeah, now we just don't have anyone round ear rightna ta send to uz. Where u at? Oh, sorry maam I'm in Georgia, you must have dialed the wrong 911.

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