Monday, October 10, 2011

But...Kady Reveals Everything

When we were teenagers, my sister Kasey and I used to sarcastically say "A Lady Reveals Nothing" whenever an occasion called for modest clothing or ladylike behavior.  I knew we got it from a movie, but couldn't remember which one.  

Well I just figured it out.

In A League of Their Own, the management of the female team sends them to charm school so they can learn to be proper ladies, instead of rough and tough baseball players.

And just so you can say it right and with the proper inflection(in case you ever need to sit in a skirt or refer a friend to my blog) I've embedded the scene.  Watch for my favorite phrase at 0:55.  Enjoy:

"Legs always together; lady reveals nothing."


Kerry said...

If I start a new blog maybe I'll have to name it "Night Games"

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Kerry. I just now it that. Hahahaaaaaaaaa

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