Friday, October 7, 2011

Guest Post (Sort of). Stolen from my "Best Friend" Summer's Blog

Thanks, "pal".


Secret Insomnia Benefits

If you've known me for more than a few months, you know that I'm an insomniac. It's part of the package. Along with some other curious sleep disorder-activity, I've been this way since I was a little kid. There are a lot of really lousy cons that come with insomnia such as:
  • Still having to go to work at 8am despite not falling asleep til 6am
  • Being asked if I was punched in the face when I was in junior high (okay, the real story is someone asked me if my parents beat me because I had such bad dark eye circles)
  • Being sooooo exhausted but not being able to sleep. The kind of tired where you're watching a movie and you're thinking, why don't they sleep?aren't they sleepy? look at that bed... they should sleep in it!... but you yourself cannot follow your own advice.
  • Lack of sleep does not = productivity; you usually do some pretty dumb stuff to kill time til you're knocked out (like write this post)

HOWEVER, I've discovered some benefits.
  • I talk to people from the future
    • future people = people halfway through their day in different time zones
  • But mostly, I get the opportunity to take photographs like these:

Two amazing fact about this series:
  1. The flash didn't wake her up. 
  2. I was trying soooooo hard to look as pretty as possible. I think I took 25 photos in order to get these. 3 am is not conducive to pretty.


Kerry said...

Summer's a genius, even if she can't sleep. You didn't wake up? Why were you sleeping in a chair?

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

We were watching a movie. A movie I really wanted to see, but just couldn't make it.

Anne said...

That's good stuff!

prettiest sister said...

Dear Kerry, It is no surprise she is sleeping in a chair. Summer it must be very frustrating to be an insomniac living with a Narcoleptic.
When Kady and I would decide to run up town we would get in the car and before I reached the end of our block, I would look over and she would be out, head sagging mouth hanging open, snore breathing.

Hobo Siren said...

K- I'm so glad you understand my pain. We are in a hotel. We have been here for fifteen minutes. She is asleep. I am reading her blog. Nerds.

Jacqui said...

Two more reasons that Summer is my favorite person on the planet: 1) She is a fellow insomniac. 2) These awesome pictures.

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