Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things to Do Before Leaving NOLA # 9: Go to City Park Sculpture Garden

Unfortunately the sculpture garden was closed, but the park was still open, and it was a fabulous day, so we walked around and laid a blanket out and read and stuff. 

Spanish moss grows on all these amazing old trees.

I already lost these sunglasses :(

I was innocently enjoying the beautiful scenery when suddenly, somebody started urgently knocking at my back door.  Thank GAWD for the stone bench and it's poop-stopping characteristics.  If not for that bench I might have had to go and sit on one of those tree roots:

Fortunately they had a few disgusting port-a-potty's, by the name of "Pot-O-Gold".  Indeed.  Crisis averted.  

The End.


Anonymous said...

That Duck is bigot and a wife beater

Mom said...

I hate it that I totally understand.

DB Stewart said...

Poop happens.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Mom -- haaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa I get you. And you get me. Am I turning into you? That wouldn't be the worst thing. Or would it. Yes. Bad. Not so bad.. Mixed feelings.

dbs -- poop. one of my favorite words. ever.

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