Monday, June 28, 2010

Currying Favor. Not Flavor.

How do you get your dad to love you the most?  Maybe you dress in your Sunday best to go on a walk with him, while he ignores you and tells X person on the phone about his "petey" issues? (Kelly)

Maybe you mow special messages into the lawn, too big for a proper photo, but stating "I 'heart' MY DAD", only to get in major trouble later for wrecking the lawn? (me)

Or maybe you jump on the riding lawn mower to help get the lawn done quickly?  Which makes the lawn look like crap and it turns out that it has never in 20 years been mowed with anything but a 20" push mower in alternating directions.  (Keri)

Notice Kelly, watching the scene of the lawnmowing unfold. What a lazy.

We can't win.


Hanna said...

I think you three are out of the race, so I'm joining. I think my chances are pretty good.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

You might as well forget it Hanna. Kelly is the favorite. There's no getting around it. I've been trying for 34 years.

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