Sunday, June 13, 2010

I miss Cooking

I'm staying with my friends Matt and Laurissa for the week that I'm in Minneapolis and was way too excited for the use of their kitchen the other morning.  Laurissa emptied the fridge of it's contents and we made a yummy's veggie egg thing, bacon, croissants and potatoes.  Something new I haven't tried before:  potatoes don't have to take an hour for breakfast.  Boil cubed for ten minutes-ish, then sautee with olive oil and butter and tons of herbs/garlic until crispy.  You probably already all know this trick.  Sometimes I'm the last one to figure things out. 

I really missed being in the kitchen, and am probably happiest in my life when I'm chopping vegetables.  I'm hoping that by making fantabulous meals Matt and Laurissa will ignore the scene in their guest room:

While eating, we got a nice show.  Apparently the neighbors don't know we can see straight into the shower, and that's why Matt and Laurissa got shades on their window.  I think if you click on this photo to enlarge you can see the shampoo bottles:

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Mom said...

Here is your new schedule: Kady cooks June 21, 22, July 1,2,6,7,15,16,19,20,21,29,30.

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