Thursday, June 17, 2010

Favorite Daughter?

My parents have 5 daughters.  Of course we have a never-ending debate over who is the favorite one.  Of course ol' mom and dad get a kick out of it and do their best to exasperate us wherever possible.  Apparently, sometimes, I am the favorite.  Other times, I've never been the favorite.  It depends on who is asking, I suppose, but Kelly is always thinking she IS the favorite.

Now I am quite sure she is right.  For the last three days, I have been spending precious time in the hospital with my dad, quite willingly, actually.  I am so happy that I don't have a job and can be here for my mom and him.  Six months ago I would have been calling from my desk at work, wondering "how he is", probably while eating lunch and typing an email.  Now, I'm here.  I'm throwing my back out assisting him in and out of bed, rubbing his shoulders every five minutes, fetching water and cell phones and learning to change embarrassing hospital equipment attached to his body, seeing his naked hospital butt and having the image seared into my brain forEVER.  Naturally, the first night, when it was time for my mom and me to go to the hotel, I offered to stay in the room with him.  He said no.  I offered again, told him I didn't mind sleeping on that visitor couch because I am used to four months now sleeping just wherever.  He said no again.  So I went with my mom to the hotel.  The next night, same story.  On the third day, I heard him on the phone with Kelly.  She was on her way here from Ohio.  After he hung up with her, he said, "she'll spend the night with me here."

FYI: I'm typing this from the couch in my dad's hospital room.  Kelly's back at the hotel. 

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