Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad has a Uterus?

So when I spent the night in the hospital room with my dad, he had me up at midnight, and then 2AM, and then permanently up for the day at 5AM.  As I was helping him out of bed for the bathroom, I asked, "so dad, where's your favorite daughter now?"  Now...Kelly has a cold, and that's why she claimed she couldn't spend the night with him.

My dad replied, "Oh she's probably at the hotel, snoring away, getting a new bug that can come up through my UTERUS and into my lungs and darn near kill me."

(I think he meant URETHRA?  Later I told Kelly and she wasn't worried.  She said he never denied that she was the favorite.)


Sarah said...

That's an understandable mix-up, but embarrassing, much like mixing up uvula and vulva is understandable but embarrassing. "Oh my god, that popsicle stick poked me right in the vulva!"

kady said...

Two Smart girl stories.

Tara, with something stuck in her throat: *cough* "I've got something caught in my fallopian tube."

Dana, embarrased about her shirt being a little low in front, "oh no, my clitoris is showing."

Anonymous said...

wow how low cut WAS this Danas shirt?

Anonymous said...

Now that he no longer has a prostate, he might as well have a uterus but the more important question is "Can he still have an erection?" Love, Jacqui

kady said...

the Doctor started talking about that, but I plugged my ears and sang and sang.

The Doctor said, "well it's part of prostate cancer."


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