Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 - So Far 323 posts.

On average, like one per day.  Which is what I strive for.  I hope I can keep it up to make 365 for the year.  It's good to have goals when one is unemployed. 

So here's my story of the day.

Today I was in a car with a bunch of girls, when I happened to see a drunk man sitting on the curb with very short shorts on.  I'm looking at him because he's scratchin' and then I see his Peter.  His thingee.  It's peeing!  Into the gutter!

I was so shocked but couldn't look away!  So instead I exclaimed, "who wants to see a penis?!?"  And only one girl looked, but we laughed and laughed. 

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Poor guy said...

poor guy...

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