Monday, December 27, 2010

Minnesota 'fun facts'.

I have been finding myself feeling very nostalgic for Minnesota these days, sighing every time I see a 3M product, or see a Josh Hartnett ad for cologne.  I'm sure I'm driving Nicole nuts with my whole, "Target is a Minnesota company", or "you know, Amy Adams got her start at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater", or, "that Aveda product you're using was probably made in Minnesota", blah blah blah. 

I love telling people how much snow y'all are getting, and that the Metrodome COLLAPSED from the weight of it all!  That Bob Dylan was born in Hibbing and Prince is a local.  I found an old link of supposed Minnesota facts that I decided to share. 

Click here for Minnesota 'fun facts'.

(I have no idea if any of these are true.)


ashley said...

17. Madison is the "Lutefisk capital of the United States".

wow, what a great fact...about Wisconsin.

ashley said...

I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! Now I know why my feet swelled to the size of a football field after a day at that mall! And pop-up toasters...brilliant! Even though I still can't find the perfect setting, or when I do someone comes along and makes a frozen waffle at 10! Even the first blood transf. by a JW. Where you surprised to see that on the list? Great stuff! TY! Keep up the great work! Any oh yeah...I think I may be the other 1600 and some hits on your blog. What can I say? I'm still 'Your number one fan'!

Anonymous said...

Where? Were! Whatever!

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