Wednesday, December 8, 2010


A friend of mine recommended a product called Membrana for my toe.  It is supposed to create a water-proof protective layer for open wounds.  Today I visited a pharmacy to see if they had any.  I wrote it down for the Pharmacy worker, and as she was looking for it, a rude, old, overweight, loud American man marched right up to the counter and interrupted her.
He cupped his hands over his mouth, as if to create a megaphone.  Then he literally screamed, loudly and slowly: "DO YOU HAVE MIRALAX?!?"  This made me take notice of him.  Hands still cupped, AGAIN he screamed, "IT'S A LAXATIVE!!!!"
The poor Pharmacy worker couldn't understand him, but he gave up quickly and walked out. 

After he left, I said to Nicole, "I think that's something you really should whisper."


Anonymous said...

Where are you at in Costa Rica? Who are you staying with? Need details...know people who used to live in Costa Rica. And want to go there some day.

Jacqui said...

Super glue will do the same thing as Membrana.

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