Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Kady Peed Her Pants"

From the annuls of the depths of my memory, this one comes flooding back every time I see a playground slide.  You know, the metal ones that you can't touch with your tongue in the winter?  My friends and I decided to fill the bottom of the slide with sand, and then slide down to the bottom and POOSH! sand goes flying.  When it was my turn, and I got to the bottom and the POOSH! happened, I decided I would sit at the bottom and make all my friends cover me in sand and then I would get up out of the sand.  How fun!  Except I didn't realize that I had to go pee, and while I was being buried I totally peed.  Kids are so gross! 

Anyway, when I stood up, my "friend" Rachel Kakageezik from two doors down started chant-singing, "Kady peed her pa-ants, Kady peed her pa-ants."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not so bad when did you stop peeing yourself or did you not?

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