Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My niece Hanna wrote this when she was 9.

Cute little story from Hanna.  Spelling and typing errors were left for authenticity.  This was when she was only 9, and I guess hadn't turned into her bitter, 10-year-old self yet.  (See next post.)

Once upon a time there lived a young maiden. Although she was very poor she was still very kind. She did not steal like the other girls. She was sweat and kind and honest. Rich people probably thought nothing of the little rag that she was. But oh how the people who knew her liked her. Now it just so happened that this young girl was the king’s only daughter. The king didn’t through her out or anything. In fact he didn’t even know that she existed. You may be wondering how this all happened. So I will start at the beginning.
Now at the beginning [the beginning was a long time ago so the king was just a prince] the girl’s father was looking for a bride. He was riding along in his coach in the countryside, when he saw a pretty little peasant girl. Of course he fell in love with her the second he saw her, for that is what happens in all fairy tales. He asked her if she would join him in his coach. She quickly agreed for when she saw him she fell in love too. So they sped off to his castle. When they got there and spoke to his parents they didn’t like it at first for they wanted him to marry a princess. When they saw how much they loved each other they let them get married.
Two years later the new queen had a little girl and named her Elizabeth. But she didn’t tell her husband that she had had a baby. She wanted her child to live in the country instead of a big city. She knew that her husband would make a princess out of her. So she had one of her chamber maids take the baby to an old woodcutter’s cottage. An old widow who lived there agreed to take care of the baby. The queen died and Elizabeth was soon forgotten. The widow who had agreed to take care of Elizabeth was old and kind. Because of her loneliness she took care of Elizabeth as if she was her own. Elizabeth grew to be a great beauty, skilled in many ways. She was poor so she didn’t get a proper education. When she was 11 the widow who had taken care of her hole life, died. Elizabeth had one of the older boys burry the old widow. She could not bare to stay in the old cottage any longer so she packed up what she had and took to the streets. Now it just so happens that that through all this time she only knew two things about her parents, 1 that her mother was dead, and 2 her last name was Earlbart.
Now that you know kind of what’s going on I can tell you the real story. Elizabeth had been wandering around the streets for two years when she came to a noble mans house. She decided to ask for something to eat. The cook came to the door, and seeing a strong looking young woman standing there asked what she wanted. A little food if you please ma’am. Now the cook liked being called ma’am so she got Elizabeth a small bowl of stew. Where are you spending the night?, asked the cook. Oh wherever there is a place to stay., Elizabeth answered lazily. You may live in the attic as long as you do the dishes, said the cook decidedly. Oh may I!!! Just think! If I do dishes forever I will have a home forever!! So it was settled. Elizabeth moved in that night. The nobleman had a daughter named June and she soon grew very fond of Elizabeth and Elizabeth soon grew very of June. As a surprise June asked her father if Elizabeth could be her maid. Her father agreed and both girls were delighted. Then one day the nobleman received a letter from the king. It was inviting him and his daughter to dinner!! Both June and her father were terribly exited. And Elizabeth was happy for her friend. On the day before they left June approached Elizabeth and asked her the question that changed her life, will you come with me? That’s all it took to have Elizabeth being sped off into the night. Elizabeth had never been so exited! Her, a poor beggar girl! Meeting a king!

She felt fidgety just thinking about it! Finally after what seemed to be ho9urs they arrived at the castle. A servant then led them to their bedchambers. Elizabeth and June talked and giggled for a while until it was time for their sup. When they were ready they walked into the elegant room of dining. It nearly took their breath away. The walls were studded with diamonds and almost every other jewel you could think of. Everything was elaborate in some way. All of these things were wonderful until they saw the king. He was quite old I must admit but every visible inch of him was terribly handsome. “Oh” squealed Jane. He looks just like you! Yah, agreed Elizabeth. Only if you don’t include our cloths, look at me! I’m in rags! “Only compared with his cloths,” replied June coolly. “Oh all right!”, Elizabeth screeched. “Why don’t you go up talk to him?”, June asked. He might get a kick out of you looking like him. “ARE YOU NUTS!!!!!!!!! I could get kicked out!”, Elizabeth screamed. Please not so loud Elizabeth! You’re going to get both of us kicked out! Come with me when my father introduces me. I can ask him to introduce you too. I’m absolutely sure he would do that. Oh really June! You would do that for me!! Of course I would. That’s what friends are for. So ten minutes later the three of them walked up to the throne and June’s father introduced them. “This is my daughter June and this is her friend Elizabeth.”, June’s father announced in his best voice. The king was staring at Elizabeth. “You look just like someone I use to know”, he whispered quietly. Then he shook his head as if to be rousing himself. No it couldn’t be. She has been dead for fifteen years. “I’m sorry she died. My mother has been dead for fifteen years too.” The king looked up suddenly. What? Your mother? Who was she? What did she look like? Well, said Elizabeth thoughtfully picking at her earlobe. She looked like me and her name was Maria. She died just after I was born so I don’t know anything else about her. Why do you ask? Oh lord! You are my daughter! I knew I had a child! I have known for all these years and I haven’t even done anything!! Everybody kept saying that it was impossible. But I knew. I knew. And with that he burst into a flood of tears. The next day Elizabeth was moved into a larger bed chamber. For the next two weeks everything possible was one to make Elizabeth feel at home. There was even a tutor for her. Then one night the king had a grand ball for Elizabeth. Everyone was there. Even June and her father were there. But Elizabeth was most caught up with the young prince who was there. He introduced himself to her. Then it hit her. She was in love. That night he proposed to her. She agreed and they were married the next day. They had four kids and lived happily ever after in his castle.

The End

My favorite part is when they were "taking their sup".  LOVE YOU HANNA!!!

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Jacqui said...

I liked "thoughtfully picking at her earlobe". Funny stuff!

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