Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting Googled, Volume 6

There is so much great information here at A Lady Reveals Nothing.

(As evidenced by what the weirdos searched for on Google and then assumably got very disappointed when they arrived at my blog:)

"bra lines"
"itchy welts that come and go"
"asia public no panties"
"girls with out under wares and show their toilet images"
"photo panty poop girl"
"lady pees pants"
"wife pees jeans"
"Like Having Pantylines"
"weirdos in bemidji"
"blond spilled cereal"   (which leads directly to this photo:)

"girl panty line"
"frilly doris day"
"panty pooped girl"

And there's always one that totally hurts my feelings:

"ugly blonde girl with facial hair"

I read that one and cried, "my feeeelings...", and Summer said, "you bring it on yourself."

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