Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Pros and Cons of My Blue Collar

So I'm totally a dude now.  There are pros and cons, of course.  When I used to work a desk job, I almost never had to use one of these: -- CON

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But I also didn't get to look at stuff like this all day:  -- PRO

I took this photo using my new iPhone app Instagram

Today a guy came out of his house with his wife and I heard her say, "who is that?"  And he waved his hand and said, "oh, it's just the meter reader."  -- CON

Then later we went to Home Depot to get supplies and this adorable Latina woman (think Gloria from Modern Family) said, "I love your vests!  Where do you work?  Where did you get those vests?" -- PRO

We take a break from the sun to eat lunch at a sit-down restaurant...and every day the wait staff says something like, "what'll it be ladies?" or "what'll you have, ladies?"  And every day we wonder, "How did they know?" -- PRO / CON?


Kerry said...

The pros outweigh the cons. At least for now, and also those vests are rather stylish.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...


Mom said...

True story comin' up....
One day (once upon a time) Kim (the oldest Hexum girl) and I (the one who is older than her by 17 years), were working for the local auctioneer. Kim visited the porta-potti at the very end of our work day and it was an experience for her, let me tell you!! She is in there minding her own 'business' and the company comes with the forklift to take it away and she gets lifted up and sloshed around. The guy hears her yelling and lowers her back down and then offers to hand her some toilet paper, since he had removed the roll. Ahhhh I remember it well. (Maurice Chevalier)

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