Wednesday, November 30, 2011


What is your worst port-a-potty fear?  Besides dropping your sunglasses/wallet on the wet floor?

Or worse?

My sister Kim had been working all day at an auction as a teenager, and finally got the chance to go pee at the end of the day.  She sat down...and then felt the building move.  Apparently the guy had connected the biffy up to his truck and was getting ready to drive away with her in it!

She said, "thank gooness he heard my screams and stopped.  He then hollered through the wall that he'd already taken the toilet paper out and asked if I wanted some."

She was like, NO THANKS.  (Rather than throw open the door.)

Ha!  That's my two worst fears in the port-a-potty.  No toilet paper.  And being taken away with the poop-and-pee filled building.  *Slosh.*


britnie said...

My worst pot-a-potty fear is actually having to use one...

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...


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