Monday, November 28, 2011

Summer-isms, Vol. 20...Grand Canyon Road Trip Edition

"I like it when people get punished after inconveniencing me."

"It's not easy to hike when you're nine months pregnant."

"If I got pulled over by a motorcycle cop I'd be really upset but sort of excited."

"I feel like Indiana Jones."

"Rent is a real thing that everybody has to do."

"I would cry if we went to Denny's."

Hiking.  9 months pregnant.


Anonymous said...

I say the real point of this picture is this: Just look how fashionable and colorful you are just for hiking. You're rocking it even with a dog attached to your belly! :) rox

Anonymous said...

To the above post...sorry, I meant "SUMMER" was fashionable, colorful and rocking it 9 months pregnant. I got a little confused and I thought I was posting on her blog! Shouldn't have typed my name and you both would be wondering, who is that anonymous ditz?

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I'm so used to being upstaged for cute while hiking.

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