Saturday, November 12, 2011

Take a Picture!

When I was in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago, I got to spend the evening with my favorite little tiny kids.

Little Miyo puddin' pie.  5 years old, wearin' glasses and goin' to school.

At bedtime I was trying to take a video of Murphy humming and Miyo got all up in our business.

What a busybody!

"Hi.  Did you get the close picture?  Murphy smile.  How 'bout I get in the picture, because, because we could like, Murphy, smile!"

Right after I stopped that video, she said, "take a picture!" with clenched teeth and it was hilarious and I was so mad that I missed it.  So I had to start a new video.
I suppose it's a little bit mean to pretend to take a picture when I was really taking video...but come on.  Hilarious.

"I guess just me."
"No! No Murphy!"
"Come on. Do it."
"Do it!  Take a picture."


Sarah said...

I got my new postcard today and I LOVE IT.

Mom said...

I am SO laughing and crying at the same time!!!

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