Wednesday, November 23, 2011


A friend asked Siri (the voice recognition software on the new iPhone 4S),

"Siri, what do I do about a hangover?"

Siri responded,

"Calling Kady Hexum", and started dialing me.

Siri-ously, I wouldn't have a clue.


Anne said...

Kady - I just read an old post of yours that was listed under one of those "You might also like..." The one of you golfing, face planting, peeing in the woods and rolling downhill... My daughter asked me "Why are you crying??" Tears of joy, my child.

Phenom! I Siri-ously don't get how you are not writing screen plays or New York Times bestsellers.

Kim said...

Oh, Kady, why don't you have a search function on your blog? Is it even possible? I'm trying to find the post Anne just referred to, but do you have any idea how many posts you have tagged as pee?

While searching, I found the post about the little boy who didn't pee his pants. It only looked like that because his mom washed his pants with his dad's tuxedo. That had me laughing and crying.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Kim, I always use Google to search my posts. I just search for key words plus Kady Hexum. So for this one type 'Kady Hexum golfing pee' and it should come up.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

P.s. I'm going to feature that post in a new series I'm starting on Sundays.

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