Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Must Hash it Out

Today at work one of my coworkers motioned towards my face and told me I had a mustache. Horrified, I asked, "do you mean my freckle mustache?"

He said, "no you have some dirt on your lip."

"Thank goodness," I said as I wiped my lip on my shirtsleeve. I then explained that I have a freckle mustache of hyperpigmentation from 30-something hormones and sun damage and if that's what he meant I would be really embarrassed. He and two other male coworkers laughed. Awkwardly.

After I got home I replayed the scene in my head. When I wiped my lip on my shirtsleeve no dirt came off. They laughed a little TOO awkwardly. He WAS talking about my freckle mustache!!!

If you look closely, you might be able to make it out in the photo below.


Kelly said...

I don't see it

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

You have to look veeeeeeeeee-ry closely.

Tell me Kelly, will I wish I were in my mid-30's when I'm in my early 40's?

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