Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do-Gooding. It's What I Do. Gooding.

I signed up to ride a bike for 150 miles on June 9 & 10. That's 75 miles a day! The race is called the MS150 and apparently these "MS Researchers" can't even AFFORD bikes, so I'm including a link where you can donate money, get a tax deduction, cure a horrible disease, feel good about yourself and simultaneously make me look really good to the rest of my team. Everybody wins!

Click this link, choose my name "Kady Hexum" (duh) and for Gosh sakes give something to these silly researchers so they can get some food or something. Any amount is greatly appreciated, but if you decide you're feeling extra donate-y and give $50, send me an email at kady(at)aladyrevealsnothing(dot)com with your T-shirt size and home address so I can get you your own super awesome Cyclosaurs team T-shirt pictured below.

(If you hate puppies and you hate research...never mind the above.  I'm selling $50 T-shirts.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

cutest t-shirt ever!
love the dinosaurs on their bikes

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