Saturday, May 12, 2012

This Week's Wins and Fails


My car has been squealing ever since I bought it brand new in 2005. I always figured it was the brakes, and so did the dealership everytime I mentioned it to them. Well it's been getting really bad in the last few months. While driving down the freeway. So I knew it wasn't the brakes. I mean I'm a dumb blonde female, but I know it can't be the "brakes" when the car is in motion. So I kind of made a stink about it the last time I was in for an oil change. I begged them to take it for a drive because it happens 100% of the time I'm in the car. Of course they heard nothing. Here's where I really embarrassed myself:
"Please. I'm telling you it happens EVERY TIME I'm in the car. It happens when I drive down the freeway and it happens when I'm going 30 miles an hour down the street. PLEASE PLEASE take it for a 20-minute drive and you'll see what I mean I promise." etc etc etc.

He was all, "OK whatever 'Crazy'."  But, he called me 20 minutes later. "We definitely heard the squealing (yes!). The bad news is it's your transmission-"
I cut him off. "Well THAT'S really annoying because I no longer have a warranty and this has been an issue the entire time I've owned the-"
He cut me off. "You have a warranty."
$3600 transmission job. Free. Plus I got to drive this 2012 Acura TL as a loaner for a WEEK:

So nice I didn't even want to fart in it.



You may remember that I had to get my house ready for an inspection so that I could obtain a Minneapolis Rental License. (Because of a couple of well-played loopholes researched and implemented by Yours Truly, I wasn't required to get it until now.) Anyway as I mentioned in the link above, I had to do a million things to get my house up to code.  I applied for the License back in January prior to my tenant moving in (as required) and they gave me a provisional license while I waited for the inspection which I was told would happen "in a month". The inspection costs $1000. YES. $1000. The inspection they do when you sell your house is $250, but I was told that the rental inspection is so much more thorough that it has to cost more. They're trying to protect renters, you know. Anyway I scoured the place and fine-tooth-combed it and got everything up-to-par. That consumed my life for at least three weeks in January. Finally three months later I received the scheduling and took the afternoon off to meet the Inspector and dressed up and everything.
She walked through my house for a total of six minutes, told me it looked great but I would need a Carbon Monoxide detector in the 2nd level bedroom and a minor plumbing fix under the kitchen sink. Re-Inspection required. In a month.




I lost my graduation ring at on Sunday. I took it off to put lotion on my hands (I know, mom, I know. The whole reason I have the dumb thing to this day is because I never take it off. But it must have rolled off my lap when I stood up. Everybody knows if they find a ring, it's mine, and I'm still really hoping to get it back--unless the vacuum found it.)

I loved this dumb thing.




While looking for my ring in the lost and found box, I randomly came across a sweater that looked a lot like the one I bought in New Zealand for $250 that I didn't even know I was missing. I thought it was in my winter clothes box that I sent up to my parents' place. Apparently I left it one day (probably three months ago) and didn't realize it. Who knows how long it had been there?

I don't deserve to have anything nice.


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