Saturday, May 26, 2012

Funny Stuffing

About twelve years ago, my sister Kasey had her ovary removed because of a gargantuan cyst that grew inside of it while she was pregnant with my nephew Miles.

When they removed it from her body, it looked exactly like this photo I robbed from Google Images: (We do have a photo of her ovary being wrenched from her innards, but it's a Polaroid and I couldn't be bothered to find it and scan it.)

No joke.  It was THAT big.  We called it her dinosaur egg.

Shortly after the ginormous tumor removal surgery, we went to Lund's grocery store. She was limping around like a darn fool (wimp). I convinced her to take it easy and use one of those wheelchairs they have for customers' use. She was weirded out by it but I kept telling her, "that's what they're for! You just had surgery!"

Ever the selfish caregiver I pushed her around the store and when she would reach for an item on the shelf I would SLAP! her hand.

Oh, how we laughed.


DB Stewart said...

No words. You and your family...there just no one like you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Roxie said..

This story made me laugh. Thanks!

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